Guerlain, daring creators, legendary creations,
timeless savoir-faire.


It all began with Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain. A perfumer, chemist, inventor and researcher, the House’s founder settled up his first boutique in the heart of Paris, at 42, rue de Rivoli. The address quickly became an essential destination for dandies and elegant women. The House’s reputation at the courts of Europe peaked when in 1853, for the marriage of Napoleon III and Empress Eugénie, Pierre-François-Pascal created his Eau de Cologne Impériale, which he gave to the young bride as a wedding present.

Thierry Wasser is the heir to an olfactory legacy of some 1,100 fragrances and the intrepid leader of future projects, exploring the world in search of the most exclusive raw materials.


Guerlain strives to create perfumes, make-up and skincare products that fulfill their primary functions, but also inspire emotion, surprise and wonder.


Guerlain exclusive luxury hotels collection

55, 75 & 130 ml
1.85, 2.64 & 4.58 fl.oz

Shower gel



Body lotion

40, 45 & 80 ml - 1.41, 1.58 & 2.82 oz

Soap - cardboard box

Glycerin soap - filmed

300 ml - 10.14 fl.oz

Shower gel


Liquid soap


Body lotion

Prestigious gift selection

Eau de Cologne Impériale
100 ml / 3.52 fl.oz

La petite Robe noire - Eau de Parfum
50 & 100 ml / 1.76 & 3.52 fl.oz

L'Homme idéal - Eau de Parfum
50 & 100 ml / 1.76 & 3.52 fl.oz

Mon Guerlain - Eau de Parfum
50 & 100 ml / 1.76 & 3.52 fl.oz

125 ml / 4.40 fl.oz

Eau de Cashmere

Eau de Lingerie

Eau de Lit

Exclusive Line

Suggested accessory line


  1. Make-up remover pads
  2. Manicure set
  3. Cotton buds
  4. Dental set
  5. Shaving set
  6. Shower cap & scrunchie
  7. Sewing kit
  8. Shoe mitt
  9. Comb
  10. Paper tissues

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