The international leader in the guest amenity industry, Groupe GM  is proud to announce its collaboration with the esteemed fragrance house Fragonard. Known for its rich heritage in perfumery, exceptional quality products, and quintessential French craftsmanship, Fragonard joins forces with Groupe GM to introduce two exclusive hotel lines, each designed to enhance the guest experience with distinct inspirations. 

The line ‘Vrai’ captures the vibrant spirit of the Mediterranean coast, offering amenities that reflect the region’s enchanting essence, while ‘Figuier Fleur’ line pays homage to the charming heart of Provence, the birthplace of Fragonard. The latest embodies the authentic beauty of the region, infusing a serene elegance into hotels worldwide. 


The history of the brand

Fragonard is a tale of a family, perfumers and collectors that has been passed down through four generations. Established in 1926 by Eugène Fuchs in Grasse, the heartland of French perfumery, Fragonard is more than a brand; it is a symbol of heritage and tradition, steeped in fragrance savoir-faire. 

Over its nine-decade history, Fragonard expanded from a single factory to a global brand, comprising 3 factories, 6 museums, and 24 boutiques, now led by Eugène’s great-granddaughters: Anne, Agnès, and Françoise Costa. Till today the fragrance brand continues to be celebrated for its high-quality products, craftsmanship and inspired packaging reflecting Provencal charm and exoticism. 


Hotel Lines

The Vrai hotel line by Groupe GM unites elegance with the French coast essence. At the heart of Vrai hotel line lies its distinctive fragrance, a blend of fresh, floral notes with verbena as its highlight, crafting an ambiance of sophistication. The line’s aesthetic, marked by neutral tones and minimalist design, features small format products and an engraved solid soap crafted from responsible materials, alongside large formats namely the Ecofill dispenser in 300 ml aluminium. This innovative, refillable, and traceable aluminium dispenser, along with sealed refill pouches of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and hand wash, ensures the product’s origin, traceability and limits bacterial contamination, while minimizing environmental impact.

As another large format, Vrai hotel line features the 400 ml plant-based Ghost dispenser. As its name suggests, this 400ml dispenser is fixed on a hidden rail, creating the illusion that the product is levitating.

The Figuier Fleur line, inspired by the elegant essence of Provence, offers an enchanting fragrance with subtle scents. It combines the fresh notes of bergamot, neroli and fig leaf with floral notes of magnolia and freesia, culminating in a sophisticated woody base of oak moss and spicy cardamom. Available in both small and large formats, the line also features the refillable innovation Ecofill in 400ml and the 300ml Ecopump made from recycled plastics and pumps out of bio-sourced resin, primarily derived from sugar cane.

Both “Vrai” and “Figuier Fleur” hotel lines align with Groupe GM’s ‘Care about Earth’ program, reflecting a commitment to eco-responsibility. This initiative aims to reduce the impact of its products on the environment and contribute to sustainability to protect the planet for many generations. As an eco-responsible amenities supplier, Groupe GM consistently prioritizes using green resources, favouring reusability, and reducing single-use plastic. Eco-conception is at the heart of the program, to significantly reduce waste and the use of scarce resources. 


President of Groupe GM, Laurent Marchand, said: “We are delighted to work with an iconic perfume house like Fragonard to introduce more eco-friendly amenities to our clients, all while meeting the level of luxury and quality expected from Groupe GM. Both lines deeply reflect the core values of our companies and will enable hotels worldwide to pamper their guests with expertly fragranced amenities from a world-leading artisanal fragrance house.’’