An innovative brand

Passionate about beauty and precious stones, Chrystelle Lannoy, the founder of Gemology, had the intuition to test the cosmetic virtues of minerals. 13 years ago, she commissioned talented researchers to work on the active principles of the stones, to extract all their richness and power. 

Gemology was able to unveil a secret buried in the heart of minerals. Since then, their laboratories have been exploring the functions and benefits of these trace elements on the skin. This is when skin oligotherapy was born. 

Thanks to sophisticated mineral liquefaction techniques, Gemology extracts the trace elements, which are naturally present, to integrate them into its’ skincare products. The actions of these precious minerals give proven effectiveness to Gemology treatments.


The relaunch of its amenities line

Discover a treasure for the skin with the Gemology amenity line. All products are enriched with a complex of sapphire and diamond extracts. Sapphire is rich in iron to stimulate collagen and firm up the skin, while diamond provides a soft-focus effect and has an anti-wrinkle power.

The range consists of a bath shower gel, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner and hair & body gel. All are available in a 30ml size plant-based tube with a cap made of 100% recycled plastic. A 20g soap and 40g massage soap which are RSPO-MB, (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil Mass Balance), certified complete the Gemology range.

In line with Groupe GM’s Care about Earth program, larger format dispensers of 300ml have also been added to the line. The Gemology hotel line products, as well as a new liquid soap, are now available in 300ml large-capacity Ecopump dispensers made from bio-based plastics. The pumps are created using bio-sourced resin, mainly made from sugar cane.

Several secure wall bracket options are available in combination with the Ecopump in a single, double or triple format made of stainless steel, chrome-plated brass or ABS plastic that can be fixed to the wall with screws or double-sided tape.


Care About Earth

The Gemology line is fully compliant with Groupe GM’s Care About Earth program, which aims to reduce the impact of its’ products on the environment and contribute to sustainability to protect the planet for many generations to come. As an eco-responsible amenities supplier, Groupe GM consistently prioritizes the usage of plant-based materials, post-industry or post-consumer recycled plastics and the sourcing of renewable raw materials. By choosing the eco-design way, Groupe GM offers hoteliers sustainable solutions and helps to guide them in their eco-friendly transition. 

President of Groupe GM, Laurent Marchand, said: “We are delighted to work with Gemology to update this successful collaboration by introducing more eco-friendly amenities to this enriching and luxurious line. Similar to the vision shared by Chrystelle Lannoy and Gemology, we at Groupe GM, are constantly striving for creativity, quality and innovation. This line deeply reflects our core values and will enable hotels worldwide to pamper their guests with amenities that highlight the natural benefits of precious minerals.”