The two companies have worked together to reimagine the popular hotel line, reinforcing their commitment to sustainability  


Groupe GM, a leading international player in the guest amenity sector, has announced the relaunch of the iconic Pascal Morabito Contemporary hotel line. Redesigned to better reflect Groupe GM’s sustainability goals, this specially tailored product range will be available worldwide thanks to Groupe GM’s extensive distribution network.  

Pascal Morabito has been an artistic visionary for almost 50 years, creating avant-garde jewellery and sculptures since 1970.  He is known for creating masterpieces – and his hotel lines are no exception. In 2000, Pascal Morabito launched his first hotel line with Groupe GM, marking an entirely new venture for him. When designing his collections, Pascal Morabito wanted to create something signature and contemporary.  

Morabito currently has two exclusive hotel lines with Groupe GM – the Contemporary line and the Première line – both with exquisite attention to detail and flawless execution.  As the name suggests, the Contemporary line offers guests a modern take on the traditional hotel line, with a fresh, revitalizing fragrance and sleek product design.  The Première line offers guests a subtle blend of luxury and refinement.  

Pascal Morabito has elevated the traditional hotel line, placing opulence in the hands of guests across the world.  Morabito and Groupe GM both share a dedication to luxury, style and quality, which has allowed this partnership to prevail for over 20 years. 

Today, the Contemporary line is completely aligned with the Care About Earth Program to better reflect Groupe GM’s sustainability goals. 

The eco-responsible Pascal Morabito Contemporary hotel line features products in both small and large-size formats. The range features a fresh fragrance glorified by lemon, geranium, sandalwood, mint, lavender, tonka, thyme, cedarwood, orange and vetyver notes.  

The smaller-sized options, the new 20 and 30ml bottles are made of 100% recycled plastic. The line also features 25 and 35gr bath salts. Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) soaps in 20 and 40gr sizes complete the collection. 

The line is also available in larger-sized dispensers. The Ecopump is a 300ml dispenser made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and sealed bio-resin pumps.  

The Ecosource, an airless dispenser, is the first cosmetic dispenser guaranteeing formulations without preservatives, which are as gentle for the skin as they are for the environment. Innovative technology enables products to be heated and packed in 375 ml airless sterile refill bags, made of only 11,7g of plastic, offering a unique combination of quality, ecology, innovation and security. The Ecosource is certified EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan Ecolabel.  

The Ghost is a 400ml-sized dispenser. Ghost is fixed on a hidden rail which gives the impression that the product is levitating. This ingenious eco-designed, large-capacity dispenser is made from sugarcane. The system is safe, easy to use and thanks to a discreet visibility window, it allows customers to see the remaining amount of product within the dispenser. 

Last but not least, the Ecofill will complete the line. This patent-pending, innovative system from Groupe GM is the most eco-friendly, refillable, and traceable dispenser with changeable sealed pouches. It’s a clean, safe, fast, and easy solution with minimal environmental impact. Its refillable pouches are made of only 8g of recyclable plastic for 400ml and can be easily swapped out and changed.   



Thanks to the eco-designed products and large-size options, many of the products within the Pascal Morabito amenity range are now fully in line with Groupe GM’s Care About Earth program. Launched in 2018, the Care About Earth initiative aims to strengthen Groupe GM’s environmental and social actions. The program’s objective is to reduce the impact of the hospitality profession on the environment. The program demonstrates Groupe GM’s commitment to developing sustainable products and its corporate efforts to lower their environmental impact.  

Laurent Marchand, CEO of Groupe GM commented, “We are delighted to be revamping this popular line with our partner Pascal Morabito, to better adhere to our companies’ strong beliefs and standards when it comes to sustainability. This collection of amenities is now more consistent with our Care About Earth program and we believe that it is ideally suited to guests’ needs. We look forward to launching this renewed amenity line in hotels worldwide!”   



Pascal Morabito is a French jewel designer, sculptor and poet.  He is known for his eclectic creations and excels in many fields: jewellery, perfume, champagne, leather goods, decoration, sculpture, fashion and art. More than a designer, Pascal Morabito has been a creative artist since 1970. He became known worldwide through his jewel creation “Free Diamond”, a diamond floating in a crystal cube edged with gold. In 2000, he launched his first hotel line with Groupe GM. 


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