Groupe GM, an international leader in amenities, is renewing its hotel line from internationally renowned French brand NUXE. Celebrating their active collaboration since 2013, this specially tailored amenity range will be made available worldwide thanks to Groupe GM’s extensive distribution network.

The line, called Rêve de Miel®, is composed of products subtly enriched and scented with honey. This range with its delicate and honeyed fragrance is perfectly suited to all skin types. This collection comes as a standard line and a special edition and covers a wide range of amenities.

The amber-coloured standard line is available in 40 ml recycled plastic bottles. It consists of a face and body cleansing gel, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and hair and body cleansing gel. These products are also available in large 300 ml Ecopump sizes, alongside a hand wash gel. A 20 g bar of face and body soap completes this standard line.

The light-coloured special edition is available as 50 ml tubes made from sugar cane residue. It consists of a face and body cleansing gel, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion. It is also available in the large Ecopump size for the hand wash gel, conditioner, body lotion, and hair and body cleansing gel. In addition to a 20 g bar of face and body soap, this special edition incorporates a 40 g massage soap.

With its eco-designed products and the large size options, the amenities in the new NUXE hotel line are fully compliant with Groupe GM’s Care About Earth program. With this programme, Groupe GM is committed to developing sustainable products and to reducing its environmental impact.

In accordance with Groupe GM’s environmental commitment and the Nuxe cosmetic charter, the Rêve de Miel® amenities are free from parabens, silicones, mineral oils, and colourants.

The Rêve de Miel® range can be completed with miniature 10 ml bottles of Huile Prodigieuse and Huile Prodigieuse Or, two of Nuxe’s best-selling, certified vegan products.

Laurent Marchand, CEO of Groupe GM commented, “We are delighted to be partnering with Nuxe, a pioneering cosmetics brand that combines nature with well-being and beauty and shares Groupe GM’s commitment to the environment. This collection of amenities is consistent with our Care About Earth programme and we believe that it is ideally suited to guests’ needs. We look forward to launching this new amenity line in hotels worldwide.”