Groupe GM Emphasizes its Eco-Friendly Efforts with Its Care About Earth Program

Paris, April 23, 2020 – As a leading international amenities provider, Groupe GM continuously strives to become the most environmentally aware it can be. The continued environmental crisis has led Groupe GM to become eco-friendlier than ever. 

In 2018, Groupe GM’s Care About Earth program was born. Care About Earth is a comprehensive development program covering all of the company’s environmental and social actions and is an integral part of Groupe GM’s corporate strategy worldwide. The program was developed following a decision by the Group and its subsidiaries and agents to be a leader and proactive decision-maker in the ecological transition of its products. The Care About Earth program highlights Groupe GM’s ongoing commitment to the environment and demonstrates its high ethical standards. 

Through the Care About Earth program, Groupe GM reduces its Carbon footprint on the environment and contributes to sustainability in order to protect the planet for many generations to come. Groupe GM consistently prioritizes the usage of plant-based materials, post-industry or post-consumer recycled plastics and the use of 100% renewable raw materials. Several work leads have been simultaneously initiated ensuring that the quality of the products is always met, with extra care taken to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices and EU rules on cosmetics.  

“Groupe GM understands that while there are no fast and easy way to tackle global warming, we are taking relevant actions to meet our customers’ and consumers’ needs. We comply with the environmental regulations with a concern for sustainability, respect for the human skin, and the world’s ecosystems.” Commented Laurent Marchand, President of Groupe GM.

With every product Groupe GM develops, reducing environmental harm is always a priority.

Groupe GM works to minimize over-packaging and prioritize the use of recyclable and recycled materials. To avoid the use of plastics made from limited resources, such as fossil fuels, Groupe GM offers 100% plant-based tubes, bottles, and Ecopump, which are mainly made from sugar cane (bagasse). The origin of all raw material is controlled, and only material coming from sustainably managed fields and fair trade are used. Groupe GM is also producing soaps with an RSPO base (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) which contributes to the production of certified sustainable palm oil.

Groupe GM offers many of its products in Ecosource, an exclusive airless technology with a 375ml refill capacity made from 10g of plastic compared to the 30ml bottles which are made with 8g of plastic each; and multiplies its 300ml Ecopump dispensers offer.

Groupe GM has also created sustainable accessories, like cotton buds which are now produced with a paper stick. Amenities are also being made with straw and corn-starch, and toothbrushes and razors are being made with a bamboo handle. 

Care About Earth has allowed Groupe GM to introduce several eco-labels and eco-designs that appear on its products such as ‘100% Recyclable’, ‘100% Plant-based Bottles’, ‘Reduce Water Consumption’ and ‘Vegan’ to name but a few. 

Groupe GM’s recent launch of the Damana Earth & Sun Solid Line, which includes both the ‘Reduce Water Consumption’ and ‘Vegan’ eco-labels highlights its commitment to making the world a more sustainable place. Thanks to its solid form, water consumption is significantly reduced during the manufacturing process. Without any plastic in its packaging features, the solid amenities are packaged in FSC cardboard with water-resistant varnish.

In addition to its eco-friendly packaging, Groupe GM may provide formulas made with a high percentage of natural origin ingredients that do not contain any ingredients of animal origin, sulphates, mineral oils, colorants, phenoxyethanol. Groupe GM’s formulas are dermatologically tested and are not tested on animals. Groupe GM’s certified organic products are ECOCERT certified and accredited by COSMEBIO.

Increased focus on the formulas and the packaging leads Groupe GM to the Ecolabel certification. The Ecolabel of the European Union is a certification system that is mostly designed to reduce the impact on ecosystems and limit packaging waste. Groupe GM’s portfolio now offers three lines certified by Ecolabel, with both formulas and packaging in compliance with the EU Ecolabel criteria: the Algotherm 300ml plant-based (sugar cane) Ecopump dispensers; Apothicals by Damana with its sugar cane tubes and 300ml Ecopump dispensers and the Scandinavian White line, with its recycled plastic packaging and its recycled cardboard box. 

Through the Care About Earth program, Groupe GM takes corporate responsibility to the next level, emphasizing its pledge for a sustainable future. “We introduced the Care About Earth program because as a company, we care about our commitment to the protection of the environment and our Corporate Social Responsibility. Through the program, we focus on an ecological approach for developing products that have minimal impact on the environment while still creating exceptional amenities for our customers. We have worked very hard on this initiative over the past two years, creating lines that incorporate our eco-friendly activities, through our design, ingredients, and packaging. We have several exciting plans in place, and plan to launch several new environmentally-friendly products.” Commented Laurent Marchand, President of Groupe GM.

Groupe GM considers quality to be a cornerstone of its business. The factories and industrial partners located in Europe and Asia are ISO 22716, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified and respect Good Manufacturing Practices, and Groupe GM’s factories are controlled by ECOCERT according to COSMOS and ECOCERT standards and controlled by Afnor Certification according to EU Ecolabel standard. Groupe GM strives to minimize its impact on the environment by streamlining its supply chain solutions, through reducing water and energy use, recycling waste, restricting the use of overpacks and using clean technologies as part of its Care About Earth program.

Groupe GM incorporates a culture where trust, respect, diversity and a quest for excellence have remained core values for over 40 years. It is these values that inspire Groupe GM to be the sustainable business that it is today. The Care About Earth program defines Groupe GM’s priorities and amongst its employees, partners, and clients, Groupe GM can be the most positive influence it can be in the hospitality sector.

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