Paris, 13th November 2014 – Leading international player in the hospitality amenities sector, Groupe GM will showcase their latest and most innovative product lines at Salon EQUIP’HOTEL PARIS in Porte de Versailles, France, next week. Reflecting market trends, towards products with natural, organic, yet powerful formulae, Groupe GM will display a range of new products launched over the past 12 months, together with some of their more long-serving and ever-popular brands.

“EQUIP’HOTEL PARIS represents one of the most important dates in our calendar, and we’re excited to be able to showcase some of our newest lines here this year”, said Laurent Marchand, CEO of Groupe GM. “With innovative new ingredients, including anti-oxidant grape extracts from Spain, organic oats from France and rare Alpine plant extracts, there really is a wide range of new and exciting products on offer for hotels that are looking to give their guests something extra special in their amenity offering”.

Brand New product lines on show at EQUIP’HOTEL PARIS:

  • Yves Rocher Organic Oats – Les Plaisirs Nature: based on the range of the same name sold in Yves Rocher retail outlets globally, all products in the line are enriched with organic oats extracts, a calming and softening cereal that provides the skin with soothing and protective mildness, like a gentle, enveloping cocoon. This line reflects Yves Rocher’s fundamental belief that nature is the source of beauty. Created in 1959, Yves Rocher is still leading the way in their field, offering natural cosmetics that are ever-more potent and respectful to both the skin and the environment. Powerful cosmetics are sourced from of plants, with their ability to regenerate, their vital energy and secrets of longevity that are deeply effective on the skin.
  • VIÑALI: The first organic vino-cosmetic company to launch a line of hospitality products based on anti-oxidant grape extracts. The products in the VIÑALI amenities range are enriched with organic grape water and organic grape extracts and will give hotel guests an experience as refreshing and detoxifying as it is luxurious. Across the product line, water has been substituted by 100% organic grape water extract rich in resveratrol, VIÑALI’s flagship ingredient, which carries detoxifying properties, essential oils, minerals and trace elements found in the plant which actively promote healthy skin and are environmentally friendly.
  • Alpeor: Founded in a unique and protected environment at the heart of the Swiss Alps, Alpeor has created high-tech formulas that are inspired by nature. Alpeor laboratories have developed an exclusive technology for extracting the active principles of Swiss Alpine plants incorporating them into precious textures and natural formulations. Since its inception Alpeor has specialised in cutting-edge skincare, that fights against ageing and sagging skin, using rare plants native to the Swiss mountains known as “Gold from the Alps” that are ultra-resistant and capable of surviving in extreme conditions. Alpeor guest amenities are enriched with Swiss Alpine plant extracts, Edelweiss and Epilobium.
  • Woods of Windsor: A classic heritage brand, the Woods of Windsor hotel line is now available from Groupe GM, subtly perfumed with one of their signature fragrances, Bergamot & Neroli. Inspired by natural beauty from the gardens of England, the fragrance is a subtly refreshing and revitalising with top notes of citrus fruits, bergamot, neroli and lemon complemented with fresh green verbena and rosemary. This iconic and much loved quintessential English brand dates back to a small apothecary that has been situated in the shadow of Windsor Castle since 1770.

Moreover, the stand will feature a range of other products, both new and long-serving, including: Anne Semonin,  Algotherm,  Azzaro, Clarins, Damana,  Equatoria, Gemology, get fresh,  La Sultane de Saba, Missoni, Nuxe, Omnisens, Pascal Morabito, Sampar, Scandinavian White, Sundari, Thierry Mugler, and Yves Rocher –Un Matin au Jardin – Citrus Flower.