The Couture Years

Weaving History


At the age of 20, Thierry Mugler left his hometown of Strasbourg. His destination: Paris. There, his allure and style were on display for all to see. Mugler would often wear his own creations and a freelance career as a designer soon opened up to him. He began by working with major fashion houses, then created his first collection in 1973 called «Café de Paris». Going against folkloric, unstructured fashion, the collection had an urban, sexy, flirty vibe, confident in itself. It exuded avant-garde ultra-femininity, a dramatization of the everyday unveiling of a woman. It was the same Thierry Mugler style that debuted with the creation of his house in 1974. Four years later, he was named «Designer of the Year» by both the press and the public. His success story had begun. Throughout the 1980s, the Thierry Mugler brand shone brightly with acclaimed collections, ingenious fashion shows that he conceived and directed, painting-like photos that he created himself, short films, video clips and films.







Couture by Thierry Mugler is both art and science. His cuts captivate while creating a stir. His silhouettes are distinct and instantly recognizable: anatomical, graphic, ultra-feminine and meticulous. The materials go hand in hand with movement, and peaks of fabric create new lines of strength to best showcase women, beautify them, mold to their bodies and reshape them as they desire. Close-fitting suits, rhinestone sheath dresses, structured bustiers, extravagant dresses and whimsical pieces each reveal conquering icons, extravagant divas, glamorous fairy-like stars and victorious sun goddesses. Contemporary heroines who summon dreams, fantasy, metamorphosis, conquest, the future and the extraordinary at fashion shows – events that are larger than life yet perfected to the detail. With clothes on her mind, the Mugler woman makes her presence known. All this before the perfumes, photographs and encounters...


The Exploratory Years

Haute Perfumery

Haute Perfumery emboldened: such is the road Thierry Mugler has paved since Angel came to life in 1992. This visionary designer creates exceptional fragrances and uses the finest natural and innovative materials, which are often extremely rare. They are bold scents full of character – original combinations that are instantly recognizable and always unforgettable. Their secret? Restrained, balanced combinations built around two to three overdosed notes. It is utter harmony and pure magic.



The Artist

Fashion designer and perfume creator Thierry Mugler above all has a penchant for showmanship. As a free, inspired visionary, his mind is teeming with wild dreams to realise and realities to invent. The designer has told these extraordinary legends through two shows bearing his signature as an artist: they are powerful, extraordinary and spectacular.

At the Comedia in Paris, the «Mugler Follies» reinvents the art of the cabaret combining technique, eroticism and elegance. It tells the story of a young woman in search of making her dreams of becoming a tightrope walker come true.

At the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin, «The Wyld – Out of this world» has transformed the German capital into a futuristic urban jungle, a theatre of cosmic love. Each is something never before seen or experienced!





Thierry Mugler is also a very talented photographer. «He’s one of the greats,» Peter Lindbergh once said. To create his shots, the designer travels all over the world in search of extraordinary settings and destinations. He is fascinated by gigantic proportions. In his painting-like photos, landscape becomes architecture and architecture becomes landscape.

Thierry Mugler expresses this art of staging with the same strength in perfume advertising campaigns, which he photographs or films. It is also seen in video clips he has created for George Michael, Mylène Farmer, Beyoncé,… Just some of the modern icons turned Mugler fans. Many stars, one universe.






Mugler Cologne

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Exclusively designed for Paradisus hotels & resorts

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50 g - 1.7 oz soap, available in 25 g - 0.8 oz

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