Concept and Philosophy

Since Chrystelle Lannoy is both a cosmetics enthusiast and a lover of precious stones, she combined these interests to develop the cosmetic properties of eighteen precious and semi-precious minerals. She wanted to learn more about the effects of the trace elements which are concentrated naturally at the heart of these minerals, where they are protected from outside pollution.

Our skin requires a daily dose of trace elements, such as iron, magnesium, zinc or chrome, and it has been scientifically proven that these pure and powerful activators provide multiple benefits.

Drawing on the skin-enhancing characteristics of natural minerals, Gemology beauty care offers carefully chosen, high-quality activators.

Radiance, moisturizing, firmness, glow, freshness: For each goal, Gemology has formulated the care your skin needs, the pampering your skin will truly appreciate.

Your skin is precious; offer it the care it deserves.

A family of care products with unique specificities and common denominators:
the power of precious minerals; carefully selected activators; scientifically tested formulas; measurable results; proven effectiveness; paraben-free formulas without propylene glycol or alcohol (ethanol); luscious, comfortable textures.


Expertise and research

Over time, the curative power of precious stone have been observed and have now been scientifically proven.

Through liquefaction and chemical compounding, our cosmetology laboratories are now able to extract the natural trace elements present in minerals and use them in beauty care products.

Our raw materials are carefully selected to ensure their richness in trace elements. Combined with high-quality formulation procedures, this selection provides an exceptional line of beauty care products: Gemology Cosmetics. 

Featuring a full product line, Gemology reveals the amazing ability of minerals to moisturize, balance, calm, revitalize and add radiance to face and body skin.

With the goal of remaining as close as possible to the nature of skin, Gemology products are guaranteed paraben-free, without propylene glycol or alcohol. 

Dr Jean-Claude Bozou


Chrystelle Lannoy, who is a cosmetics enthusiast
and lover of precious stones, hascombined her
interests to develop thecosmetic properties of
eighteen precious andsemi-precious minerals.
Her interest is in the effects of trace elements
which are concentrated naturally at the heart
of these minerals and how they are protected
from pollution.

Tube 30 ml / 1.01 fl.oz - Soaps 20 & 40 g / 0.71 & 1.41 oz

Bath shower gel, Body lotion, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair & body gel
Soap (20 g), Massage soap (40 g)

All products are enriched with sapphire-diamond complex extract

Ecopump 300 ml / 10.14 fl.oz

Hair & body gel, Liquid soap

Ecopump Gemology 10.14 fl oz