professional beauty products inspired by Institute treatments.

A unique experience

More than 60 years of practical experience in beauty Institutes, remarkable application methods that have proven their effectiveness in thousands of cases, an exceptional knowledge of men and women’s beauty concerns, all of these have built the foundation of Clarins success.

Clarins, a pioneer in natural beauty

Clarins has always favoured ingredients of natural origin. In its laboratories, doctors, biologists and cosmetologists analyze and test the properties of thousands of plants for the same reason: use the highest quality plant extracts in their most effective concentration for optimum beauty results.

Today, Clarins products are sold in 150 countries and count millions of loyal clients around the world. A loyalty that owes nothing to chance…


Clarins, a pioneering spirit.





In everything we do and say, for people, consumers and the environment.


We are highly committed and responsible teams, working with a long-term vision.


We work together, enhancing ownership, responsibility and reciprocity.


We promote an entrepreneurial spirit, we dare to take chances.


We inspire and lead by example, we share our enthusiasm and pride.

Glycerin Soap 45 g, Invigorating shower gel with ginseng 2.1 Oz. Net wt., Eau dynamisante 2 Fl.oz. ml

Smell good & Feel good !

Bottle Eau Dynamisante mood image

Bottles 30 & 60 ml / 1 & 2 fl.oz

Shower gel, Sahmpoo, Hair conditioner, Body exfoliator, Body lotion

Clarins guest amenities are perfumed 
with Eau Dynamisante.
Our treatments combine well-being and proven effectiveness with a perfect blend of incredibly effective products formulated by Clarins Laboratories and the exclusive Clarins 100% manual method.

Cream soaps 30 & 100 g / 1 & 3.5 oz - Glycerin soap 45 g

These gentle soaps thoroughly cleanse and leave the skin supple and soft with the delicate scent and invigorating notes of Eau Dynamisante.

Bottles 30 & 60 ml / 1 & 2 fl.oz

Created by Clarins, Eau Dynamisante 
was the first Treatment Fragrance to combine the fragrance and the skin care benefits of plant extracts for a “great fragrance and a great feeling”. It tones, revitalizes and leaves the skin delicately scented, soft and hydrated. Its formula 
is non-photosensitizing.
A unique blend of 8 essential oils and 7 plant extracts

Ecopump 300 ml / 10.6 oz

Shower gel, Shampoo, Hair conditioner, Body lotion


Make-up remover pads, Paper tissues, Comb, Manicure set, Sewing kit, Gentle exfoliating mitt, Shower cap & Scruchie, Cotton buds, Shoes pad, Shaving set, Dental set

A large selection of accessories is available in the Ruby line, matching the Clarins design.