A solar brand

A Mediterranean brand par excellence, bathed in sunlight and soaked in color. The sun, source of energy and positivism, has always thrilled Loris Azzaro’s heart and mind. Symbol of life and positivity, it is one of the main sources of inspiration, both in his couture and fragrance creations. Today, more than even, it is the emblem of the Azzaro brand.


A Mediterranean brand

The Azzaro brand is in the image of its founder: a man with a seductive instinct, inherited from his Mediterranean roots. More than a lifestyle, there is in Azzaro a form of solar hedonism, a Mediterranean art of living. The Azzaro brand calls to men and women who embrace the sensation of living an endless summer.


A Mediterranean brand to experience

Azzaro accompanies your daily life beyond a contemplative state of mind. The Azzaro spirit gives you the impulse to magnify your life and pursue your dreams. It “walks” rather than “talks”. Success through taking risks, following your instinct, living to inspire is the spirit of the Azzaro world. The Azzaro brand encourages men and women to defy destiny, take their chances and attract desire.


A brand with a passion

Azzaro aims to share strong and sincere emotions, mutual sensations, new experiences, and human adventures. All Azzaro creations are crafted by renown artesian perfumers uncompromising in the selection of ingredients and employing the highest standards at all times. This dedication to excellence gives Azzaro Parfums their asserted and authentic personality. For a genuine and passionate relationship.



1933 Birth of a legend

Loris AZZARO was born to Italian parents in 1933, in Tunis, the capital city of Tunisia where he spent his entire childhood and adolescence. Inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle, Loris Azzaro loves life, the sunshine, being one with the sea, bright colors, figurative scents, warmth.



1957 An uncommon destiny

The determining encounter of his life: Michelle Carsy, his future wife and his muse. To set off her beauty, Loris Azzaro created and made her a superb necklace. It very quickly aroused envy in Michelle’s friends who longed for one of their own. To complete her jewelry, Loris Azzaro started to design bags made with pearls. News of his unique handmade creations reached Saint-Tropez and appealed to a number of high-society women. Loris Azzaro’s destiny was taking shape…



1962 The couple follow their dreams in Paris

The sparkling couple decide to make a new start in Paris. She, as his Pygmalion, and vice versa: they support and shape each other to drive Azzaro to success. His natural talent with words, his humor and his dazzling beauty open the doors to the trendiest places in town. He is bold, a free-thinker free to act, live life to the fullest, bluff when needed and unafraid to taunt his destiny.



1968 The nightlife couturier, the couturier of the stars

Everything he touches turns to gold. A mini-collection of eight dresses propels him among the top fashion designers of the times. Loris Azzaro’s closeness to woman and his innate power of attraction inspire him to infuse his creations with unmistakable seduction. His dresses are sensual, ultra-feminine, flowing, solar, fashioned like second-skin sculptures. They strike the imagination of celebrities and the most beautiful women the world over. 1968 marks the birth of his label and the opening of his own fashion house at 65, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris.



The Seventies Success story

The Azzaro label becomes synonymous with a hyper-feminine and glamorous style. Loris Azzaro is the talk of the town. He frequents the most select spots in Paris, rubs shoulders with stars and international elite; from the yachts of Saint-Tropez to the pools of the jet set… champagne flows freely. He loves to party and to be surrounded by friends and admirers. Yet even amid extravagant parties and wild nights on the town, he keeps his balance. Ever charming and provocative, Loris Azzaro once declared: “I want to make dresses that women wear and men tear off”.



Since 1975, Loris and perfumes

Loris Azzaro considers that the crafts of couturier and perfumer are indissociable. He believes that a personality is not quite complete without perfume. In 1975, he launches his first feminine fragrance Azzaro Couture. It is followed in 1978 by the iconic and timeless Azzaro Pour Homme, the scent of seduction. Inspired by the unique bond between his grandson and himself, Loris Azzaro, creates the celebrated fragrance Chrome in 1996. The saga of Azzaro fragrances continues to this day, to offer quality perfumes celebrating life.



“It is impossible to talk about my perfumes without looking back at my childhood. I was possessed by the Mediterranean. All my senses were saturated by the sun, sand and blue sky. I always tried to fill my perfumes with scents from my Mediterranean…”.


Know-How, renowned worldwide

Wearing an Azzaro fragrance is a symbol of excellence. In its perpetual quest for new emotions, Azzaro composes its fragrances in collaboration with the most talented perfumers. Faithful to the great tradition of the craft of the perfumer, Azzaro capitalizes on the great perfume families to leave them incredibly beautiful. The Azzaro brand creates perfumes always with an obsession: the quality of the trails, exceptional hold and the selection of the finest raw materials to offer unique and singular fragrances. 

Perfume, luxury and meaning…

The Clarins Group* is strongly committed to sustainable beauty with partner-suppliers. Indeed, Clarins as well as the Azzaro brand, which belong to the Clarins Group, selects raw materials stemming from the sustainable development. A strict ingredient policy which favors finest raw materials, grown organically and locally, or the use of fair trade products if unavailable locally.



Arnaud Maillard and Alvaro Castejón are the artistic directors of the Azzaro Couture House. They reinterpret the Azzaro spirit and inject their own style, singularity and freshness, to successfully blend heritage and modernity.

Azzaro is the embodiment of timeless elegance. Throughout his career, Azzaro was sought after by the stars, attracted by his ultra-glamorous, tailor-made gowns. He dressed the most beautiful women in the world. 

In true Azzaro style, the women’s Couture dresses are as exciting as ever and continue to magnify women’s beauty. Ultra-feminine cuts, blends of fluidity, lightness and transparency create glamorous sensuality. Plunging necklines, shimmering fabrics, and refraction of light evoke design attributes so dear to Loris Azzaro. Sparkle and flamboyance are the key words of Azzaro couture, made to dazzle.

The Men’s Ready-to-Wear collections are designed with a contemporary feel, each piece adding a detail, an idea, an innovative answer to the different moments in a man’s life. 

Also under the Azzaro label are Men’s and Women’s accessories:

- Watches

- Eyewear, sunglasses

- Belts, ties, scarves, leather goods

- Shoes.

Azzaro, rich with boldness and excellence

Bottle 45 ml / 1.35 fl.oz - Soaps 30 & 50 g / 1.05 & 1.76 oz

Shower gel, Shampoo, Conditioner, All over shampoo, Body lotion

AZZARO recreates a refined line of 
hospitality products with CHROME 
fragrance. Appreciated the world over, the fragrance diffuses a sweet and woody freshness – a symbol of ‘joie de vivre’ with powerful feelings and shared memories.
Indispensable Freshness

Ecopump 300 ml / 10.14 fl.oz

Liquid soap, All over shampoo


Comb, Shower cap, Cotton buds, Make-up remover pads, Loofah, Manicure set, Shaving set, Shoes mit, Dental set, Sewing kit

The metallic finish of the matching accessories perfectly completes the collection.

Tray 95 x 95 x 15 mm

The metallic finish of the matching accessories perfectly completes the collection.