Fully aware of the necessity to preserve the resources of our planet, we strive to minimize the environmental "footprint" of our activity (at all stages of development, from design to formulation).


The aim of eco-design is to reduce the environmental impacts that a product may generate during its life cycle, from its design to its final disposal.

• At the very start all our bottles, tubes, caps, packaging and accessories are designed and manufactured using recyclable, recycled or certified biodegradable materials.

• We offer biodegradable products and accessories from renewable resources such as corn starch (PLA).

• We use up to 100% recycled materials such as cardboard, PCR (post-use recycled plastic) and wood composite (WPC).

• We offer organic cotton laundry bags and natural fibre slippers.

• We use Stone-paper, an environmentally friendly material made of waste rock that is wood-free and acid-free; it is made from calcium carbonate from limestone quarries.

• We have a full range of Ecopump bottles or Ecosource wall dispensers approved by Ecocert or Ecolabel.

• Our cardboard boxes and accessories are printed with acrylic varnish. Our brochures are printed with vegetable inks on PEFC certified paper from sustainably managed forests or FSC recycled paper in ISO 14001 certified printing works.


Our industrial partners adhere to values of social and environmental responsibility: they comply with the Good Manufacturing Practices (ISO 22716) and ISO 14001 certification standards. Our products are manufactured in compliant factories.

Our factories do everything to minimize their impact on the environment by streamlining their supply chain solutions, reducing water and energy use, recycling waste, restricting the use of outer packaging and using clean technologies.


Our premier quality formulations are a perfect response to the needs and demands of the market:

• They use natural ingredients and plant-based surface-active agents boasting over 90% biodegradability. They are dermatologically tested and are not tested on animals.

• They do not contain parabens, silicones, formaldehydes or ingredients of animal origin.

• Our soaps are plant-based. We can also develop palm oil-free soaps or soaps using palm oil from RSPO-certified sustainably-managed palm plantations.

• Our cosmetic laboratory develops a broad array of custom and sulfate-free formulations.


We offer formulas approved by Ecocert and labelled by Cosmebio:

• Over 95% of the ingredients are of natural origin.

• Over 10% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

We also offer formulas that are European Ecolabel certified by Afnor and Nordic Ecolabel certified by the Swedish Nordic Ecolabelling Board:

• Minimum impact on aquatic ecosystems.

• Meets strict requirements for biodegradability.

• Reduces packaging waste.


A certified ecological offering that will add
value to your eco-responsible commitment.