L’héritage Woods of Windsor



Remontant au 18e siècle, Woods of Windsor offre un assortiment de parfums et de produits de beauté naturels qui tirent leur inspiration du romantisme nostalgique et du charme sauvage d’un jardin anglais.

La marque a pour origine une boutique d’apothicaire située auprès du château de Windsor. Cette petite échoppe était non seulement au service de la population locale de Windsor mais aussi de la famille Royale et de ses éminents visiteurs.

Un trésor de vieilles recettes et d’anciennes formules remontant à la fondation de l’établissement a inspiré la création de nombreux produits de toilette qui figurent encore aujourd’hui dans l’offre de la marque.


The Woods of Windsor story

•The origin of the Woods of Windsor luxury bath, body & homes brand comes from a small apothecary located in the shadow of Windsor as far back as 1770. 

•This local apothecary served not only the townsfolk of Windsor, but also the Royal family and its distinguished visitors. 

•In 1970 Roger and Kathleen Knowles acquired the run-down pharmacy, then known as the Woods pharmacy. Whilst clearing out two centuries of debris, they discovered a treasure trove of old recipe and prescription books and medical artefacts which dated all the way back to the founding of the business. This very special revelation motivated them to create a range of perfumery and toiletry products using these original formularies. 

•By 1974 they were selling their products to high-end London retailers and department stores including Harrods and Liberty's. 

•An 1850 etching of Windsor castle was used for the design of the logo on the packaging to reinforce the brand's heritage. By 1983 Woods of Windsor won the Queen's award for Export. 

•By 1985 the Woods of Windsor business was exported to 40 countries worldwide and by 1989 they won another Queen's award for Export. 

•After achieving great success throughout the 1990s, the business was generating global retail sales of $25million per year and the Knowles' sold the business to a management buyout in 2000. 

•In 2012 Woods of Windsor, alongside fellow British heritage brand Yardley London, were acquired by Wipro Limited. 

•The original shop in Windsor is the company's flagship store and headquarters, displaying the new and improved Woods of Windsor luxury product line. 





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