When ecology rhymes with technology…

Groupe GM launches a new innovation with the ECOSOURCE airless dispenser, thus becoming the first Ecolabel cosmetics distributor to deliver a range of formulas guaranteed to be free from preservatives

Paris, 5th September 2011 – An international player in the field of hospitality products for more than 30 years now, Groupe GM has announced that it has been granted exclusive rights to market the environmentally friendly device known as ECOSOURCE airless dispenser, the first cosmetics dispenser for hotels, bars and restaurants to bear a certified Ecolabel, guaranteed free from preservatives. With its exclusively patented technology, ECOSOURCE airless dispensers pump out cosmetic products, manufactured and vacuum-packaged at high-temperature in sterile pouches, thus providing a unique combination of quality, environmental friendliness, innovation and safety. This innovative packaging system helps prevent any risk of oxidation or bacterial contamination and guarantees that the contents are kept fresh and pure, thus requiring no added preservatives.

For environmental and financial reasons, hotels are increasingly concerned about their consumption of natural resources (water, energy, waste) The patented technology of ECOSOURCE airless dispenser allows to reduce the amount of packaging used to only 11 g per refill, and we have found the consumption of cosmetics using this device to be almost three times lower than with other dispensers”, says Laurent Marchand, President of Groupe GM. “This range is therefore perfectly in tune with market expectations”.

Indeed, the consumption established over a one year period in three hotels in Lisbon – equivalent to 70,000 overnight stays and 122,000 guests – showed an average use of about 12 ml of ECOSOURCE cosmetic products per room, whereas the average for a classic dispenser tends to be 35 ml. This saving is owed to the innovative concept of the ECOSOURCE airless dispenser, which not only allows an emptying of the pouch in excess of 98%, but also helps controls the amount of liquid dispensed, with only 2 ml. of liquid dispersed per action cycle.

Certified by the European Environmental label Ecolabel and the Scandinavian label of the same, Nordic Ecolabel i (“ The Swan “), the ECOSOURCE airless dispenser is the first cosmetics dispenser to contain formulas that are guaranteed to be free from preservatives, and as gentle on the skin as they are on the environment. In addition, the dispenser stand is made from recyclable ABS plastic.

This exclusive agreement with the Swedish manufacturer Sterisol, has allowed us to distribute more than 70,000 ECOSOURCE stands and more than 300,000 refills in less than two years, mainly in Europe for the time being. This success reflects the strong demand for green and cost-effective products in the hotel sector, and for natural products, free from artificial colourings and preservatives by hotel guests. Our unique technology allows us to meet this demand”, Laurent Marchand, President of the Groupe GM adds.


i – Symbolised by the flower, the eco-label of the European Union is a unique certification system which is designed to help consumers recognise the most environmentally-friendly products and services
Why trust the European Ecolabel?
Companies that would like to receive the Flower undergo an assessment by an independent agency, which verifies that environmental standards are met. The products are tested in independent laboratories, ensuring the complete transparency and credibility of the application procedure. In addition, the flower is not profit-oriented. For further information regarding European Ecolabel: www.ecolabel.eu

Nordic Ecolabel (SwanLabel) is the official eco-label of Nordic countries: www.nordic-ecolabel.org