THÉMAÉ Spa brand links up with Groupe GM to launch line of organically certified hospitality products

100% dedicated to the benefits of tea, the THÉMAÉ Spa brand has linked up with the Groupe GM to launch its line of organically certified hospitality products

Paris, 7th April 2011 – Groupe GM is pursuing its diversification strategy by launching a new range of Organic hospitality products for the hotel sector, in partnership with the spa brand THÉMAÉ. This new line will give Groupe GM’s hotel customers a competitive edge by offering a unique product – unique because THÉMAÉ is the only spa brand in the world to be totally dedicated to tea and its benefits. Spa customers based in high-end hotels have already embraced the THÉMAÉ concept, exclusively offering a range of face and body Spa treatments based on tea. These include the Château de la Bretesche, the Mas de la Fouque in France, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai and the Château des Thermes in Belgium. 

Faced with often vigorous competition in the hotel sector, it is essential for our customers to construct an offering which sets them apart. With our new THÉMAÉ line, hotels will be able to benefit from the first and only range of hospitality products which exploit the extraordinary properties of tea, widely known for its antioxidant benefits. THÉMAÉ is perfectly in tune with the latest trends and it will also be our first combined Spa and Organic range, two characteristics increasingly sought by consumers“, notes Laurent Marchand, President of Groupe GM.

THÉMAÉ products bestow the benefits of tea in each formulation thanks to the Complexe des 4 Thés® (4 Teas Elixir), a blend of regenerating white tea, stimulating black tea, soothing red tea and antioxidant green tea. The THÉMAÉ line of organic hospitality products is ECOCERTi certified and has been awarded the COSMEBIO label, guaranteeing the ecological and biological credentials of its formulation.

With its 45-country strong international network, Groupe GM is the partner of choice for introducing THÉMAÉ to the hotel sector and supporting the development of our spas. We are keen to introduce our brand to new consumers by inviting them to share our passion for tea“, adds Guillaume Lefèvre, co-founder of THÉMAÉ.

Inspired by the art of tea-making, nurtured in cultures both near and far, THÉMAÉ cosmetics enhance this plant in a thousand different ways with subtly perfumed and sumptuously textured treatments. A millennia-old beverage, after water tea is the second most consumed drink across the world. Containing over 30% polyphenols, it possesses antioxidant powers 200 times greater than those of Vitamin E. Beauty product manufacturers have also discovered that tea possesses firming qualities, making this plant the new ingredient of choice in the preparation of latest-generation beauty formulations.

Characteristics of Douceur de Thé®, the range of THÉMAÉ Organic hospitality products
• THÉMAÉ beauty products are formulated using the Complexe des 4 Thés®, which is a blended concentrate of the best of each tea.
• The THÉMAÉ line of Organic hospitality products is certified by ECOCERT and is COSMEBIO labelled.
• The range includes 30ml shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, hair & body gel and body milk, as well as 20g and 40g vegetable soaps, liquid soap and a hair and body gel in a 300ml Ecopump dispenser bottle, a 30ml pot of hand cream and Infusion O’Furo® tea sachets for the bath.


THÉMAÉ was born of a meeting between two unique and complementary personalities who share the same great love of tea and all the traditions and rituals associated with this plant. They decided to create a totally tea-focused environment dedicated to well-being, together with a beauty care range. The THÉMAÉ Spa, unique in Paris, embodies a world dedicated to the celebration of the benefits of tea. The line of THÉMAÉ beauty treatments is designed to be both effective and sensual. Developed by a specialist laboratory to stringent specifications, formulated from the Complexe des 4 Thés® with pure spring water, these beauty products are absolute manna for the skin which is gradually transformed by contact with them.

i DAMANA Organic Bath Line is certified Natural and Organic Cosmetics by ECOCERT Greenlife, according to the ECOCERT standard available at