Groupe GM grows its organic range for the hospitality sector with the new DAMANA Organic Bath Line

London, 12 November 2010 – Leading international player in the hospitality products industry, Groupe GM is expanding its DAMANA range with the launch of DAMANA Organic Bath Line, a new range of ECOCERT certified organic hospitality products labelled with the COSMEBIO stamp.

Adding to Bio N-Ki Organic Bath Line, the company’s first organic line, the new Damana Organic Bath Line further develops Group GM’s organic cosmetic products offering, as part of a continuous innovation strategy to consolidate its position in a fast-growing market.

A recent study conducted by Kline Group1 shows that the market for natural and organic cosmetic products is expected to be worth nearly $6 billion in both Europe and the United States by 2014, and nearly $15 billion in Asia”, observed Laurent Marchand, the President of Groupe GM. “Despite the credit crunch, in 2009, the cosmetics products market grew at a rate of 9% in Europe, 8% in the United States and 13% in Asia.”

Genuine organic credentials
The demand from hoteliers for organic products reflects global, deeply rooted and long lasting consumer trends. ”We recognised very early the absolute requirement for a genuine guarantee of the authenticity of our organic branding”, Laurent Marchand continues. “The terms ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ cannot be simple marketing labels. This is why we systematically refer our products to ECOCERT2, the primary certification body for organic products, officially recognised in over 80 countries.”

The new Damana Organic Bath Line offers hoteliers a genuine guarantee regarding both its ingredients and fabrication processes:
* Formulas certified by ECOCERT and carry the COSMEBIO stamp
* Over 95 % of ingredients of natural origin
* Over 10% of ingredients from organic agriculture
* No petrochemical ingredients (silicone, paraffin, PEG)
* No parabens, no phenoxyethanol
* No genetically modified products, synthetic perfume or artificial colouring
* No animal-based ingredients
* Not tested on animals
* Tested to dermatological standards

Since its creation by Groupe GM in 2003, over 30 million products in the DAMANA range (DAMANA Earth & Sun and DAMANA Neroli) have been sold to hotels across the world.

Product features of the Damana Organic Bath Line
• Enriched with soothing and regenerative aloe vera extracts and delicately scented with cotton flower
• Composed of four 30ml PETG bottles, 100% recyclable, 2 bars of soap of 20g and 40 g in paper wrapping and two 330ml Ecopump dispenser bottles
• Comes with a matching tray which can be used on both sides and is made of entirely biodegradable material.


1 « Natural Personal Care 2009: Global Market Analysis and Competitive Brand Assessment » – published in Q3 2009
2 DAMANA Organic Bath Line is certified Natural and Organic Cosmetics by ECOCERT Greenlife, according to the ECOCERT standard available at