Paris, May 28th 2018 – Groupe GM, leading international player in the guest amenity industry, today announced a massive endorsement of the company’s Portuguese subsidiary, Groupe GM – Cosmética Portugal (GGMCP). An investment of 2.4 million euros has financed the relocation of the company’s plant to Neiva, Viana do Castelo, and makes possible the creation of 15 new positions over the next 4 years.

The plant, based in the industrial zone of Neiva, Viana do Castelo, specializes in the manufacturing of soaps for the hotel industry, as well as retail brands and “private labels.” It also serves as a platform for Groupe GM – Peninsula Ibérica (GGMPI), which oversees the distribution of hospitality products to the hotel market.

Operating since 2003, the plant was originally based in Esposende, Braga. Due to exponential growth at the factory and its distribution in recent years, it relocated to a 5,500m² site in Neiva, Viana do Castelo. These new industrial facilities, will increase Groupe GM’s production and storage capacity. With a total site area of 11,500m², an expansion of an additional 2,750m² is expected.

The new factory was built by Garcia & Garcia, a construction company specialized in the design and construction of industrial and logistics buildings. Local providers and suppliers were engaged to lower the project’s carbon footprint and reinforce the local economy.

The plant features an R&D department, equipped with a specialized lab fully adapted to respond to increasing cosmetic rules, requirements and certifications e.g. ISO, ECOCERT, ECOLABEL and RSPO.

In addition, GGMCP and GGMPI partnered with the Kaizen Institute, implementing a methodology whereby employees at all levels of the company work together proactively to define and nurture a common culture, as is needed for truly effective continuous improvement, empowerment and feeling of ownership of each employee.

Power is supplied by EDP and certified as generated 100% from renewable sources.

“In the past years, the global amenity industry has witnessed significant growth,” explained Miguel Maia, CEO of GGMCP and GGMPI. “We are driven by a very dynamic tourism market and today, more than ever, hotels are expressing unprecedented demand for unique hospitality products, where sustainability, transparency, traceability and trust are key words. Our previous site at Esposende could no longer offer the capacity and technical features needed to support and empower our philosophy and present and future growth.”

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