Paris, September 28th 2017 – Groupe GM, a leading international player in the guest amenity sector, unveils a different branch of its Mugler line.

The PARADOXE range is the newest addition to the Cologne by Mugler line. This range features redesigned packaging, with products now available in practical stand-up bottles, as well as in the original pebble-shaped tubes. This addition to the line gives agents within the guest amenities sector the versatility to select the style of container that suits their establishments the best without having to forfeit the signature Cologne scent.

The Mugler line has long been a staple range for major players within the guest amenities field. Inspired by the ageless class of Eau de Cologne, Groupe GM initially created the EQUINOXE range with the signature Cologne scent to reflect the ultimate feeling of freshness, which was put forward in innovative 80ml or 40ml pebble-shaped containers and featured Hair & Body gel, conditioner and body lotion. In honour of the PARADOXE launch, these EQUINOXE models have also been subtly modernised for an even sleeker look.

The PARADOXE line now provides products in 40 ml or 80ml stand-up bottles, easy to place within any bathroom or shower, and thus worthy additions to the Cologne collection. Moreover, this range features new products – individual bottles of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, as well as the original 2-in-1 H&B gel, to provide guests with and even more luxurious experience.

The other original components of the Mugler line retain their position as firm favourites. The 300ml Eco-pumps of liquid soap, body lotion and H&B gel remain staples in any establishment’s washrooms, while the 40g jars of bath salts and hand cream add a touch of luxury to make guests feel exceptionally pampered.

“We are extremely excited about the new PARADOXE packaging. The Cologne scent itself exudes freshness and class with the subtlest of sensual notes, and thus the collection has been immensely popular. The newest additions represent Groupe GM’s ability to evolve and respond to demands from within the guest amenities sector” says Laurent Marchand, President of Groupe GM. “The Cologne line now provides major players within the field with the versatility and variety they need in terms of product packaging, all the while retaining the signature scent”

These products contain only the safest of ingredients and, as per Groupe GM’s mantra, meet all international cosmetic standards.

The Mugler line serves as the signature guest amenities line in some Paradisus by Mélia hotels, with over 1 million tubes passing through the hands of their distinguished guests every year since 2014. As such, this new PARADOXE branch of the line was unveiled in their establishments this past July, giving them the opportunity to choose the style of product which reflects their hotel and their guests’ requirements the best.

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About Mugler:
Established in 1973 by acclaimed fashion designer Thierry Mugler, the Mugler lines use contemporary shapes to showcase avant-garde creativity. Initially releasing striking pieces of clothing, Mugler rapidly became highly acclaimed for his photography skills. Following his debut in couture, Mugler also branched into perfumery, releasing the infamous Angel perfume in 1992.
Above all, Thierry Mugler remains a free and inspired visionary who “always tries to convey sensations, a sentiment” and above all, who “always tells a story”.