Paris, August 22nd 2017 – Groupe GM, a leading international player in the guest amenity sector, will be introducing a new line that is especially tailored towards child guests.

This line features a theme that will transport children into the heart of the jungle and make them feel extra special by immersing them in a playful, entertaining, and mysterious world.

Available this autumn in hotels worldwide, the Amimo’s Kids line will contain products designed especially for youngsters and also feature some interactive games to keep them entertained throughout their stay.

Laurent Marchand, President of Groupe GM, commented: “The incorporation of a children’s line marks a new area of diversification for Groupe GM, and caters to the needs of the youngest guests. These products will make kids feel as though they are getting a little special attention and will really make hotels stand out from the competition”. 

The line contains a wide range of items which will ensure that even children feel welcome and catered to. 

The first item that will be offered is called “My Fun Box”. This box contains our 30ml tube of hair & body gel, a 20g bar of soap, and a game book with their own pencil to explore the jungle with.

The Amimo Kids bath toiletries line has been designed especially for children. The fruity and deliciously fragranced hair and body gel will let them indulge in a true moment of relaxation. 

The Amimo Kids line also features a “Coloring Set” that contains a coloring book and colored pencils for guests to enjoy in their downtime. As well as this, youngsters will get the Amimo Kids slippers upon arrival, adding a new level of luxury to their stay. 

Finally, this line will have an item called a “Lucky Box” which will provide a little sense of mystery. Containing a balloon, a sweet, and a mystery toy, children will get to open the box and see what kind of toy they will get to enjoy. 

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About Amimo:
Brand new to Groupe GM, Amimo is inspired by our younger guests and with them in mind throughout its creation. Paying special attention to guests of all ages, Amimo is an attentive and inclusive brand. With gentle soaps and kid friendly scents, your youngest guests will be able to relax and enjoy their luxurious stay just like every other guest. The Amimo brand aims to spark creativity and encourage imagination with the game book, coloring book, and mystery toy. Combined with the soaps, the games, Amimo offers a sweet and slippers, to ensure guests have a comfortable and special stay at any hotel. Learn more about the Amimo brand here.