Paris, July 26th 2017 – Groupe GM, leading international player in the guest amenity industry, has announced a rebranding of their distribution network as part of a strategy to further enhance and unify their brand.

Headquartered in Paris, Groupe GM has established a substantial global presence supplying products in more than 70 countries around the world over the past 40 years of development. Vast expansion over this period has led to a network of distributors each with their own characteristics and name, this will no longer be the case for Groupe GM partner distributors, under the new brand direction.

“This move is in line with Groupe GM’s objectives to enhance our brand and to take it to new heights”, said Laurent Marchand, President of Groupe GM. “After expanding to more locations around the world, this is a valuable next step in the overall process of Groupe GM’s forward movement. Having part of our locations around the world unified with a similar name gives the brand of Groupe GM a stronger and a more focused strategy.”

As of July 2017, the title “Groupe GM” becomes part of all Groupe GM’s partner distributor’s names. By doing this, each of the regional hubs will be recognized as a part of the global Groupe GM brand. The other distributors that Groupe GM collaborates with will not change their names, but will remain Groupe GM exclusive members.

This move is part of the brand strategy formulated to expand their geographical reach and increase the 200 million annual users Groupe GM’s products service. Groupe GM is changing its branding and its communication tactics to better align with its position as market leader in the guest amenity industry.

AGSI will become “Groupe GM Switzerland”, AFICOM will be “Groupe GM France”, LABOFILL turns into “GROUPE GM Cosmetiques France”, AFICOMAR will be known as “Groupe GM

Maroc”, A62 now becomes “Groupe GM Peninsula Iberica”, DUBAI transforms to “GM Amenities FZE”, JIAOMU COSMETIC will become ”娇慕化妆品 (常州) 有限公司” (Groupe GM China), PARIS BEAUTE will now be known as “巴藜寶媞 – 吉安集團台灣 ‘’ (Groupe GM Taiwan), and finally EUROSAP Cosmética becomes “Groupe GM Cosmetica Portugal”.

Groupe GM is taking this first step to becoming a more unified and consistent brand around the world.