Paris, April 5th 2016 – Groupe GM, leading international player in the guest amenity industry, has today announced a significant expansion of its international distribution network.

Headquartered in Paris, Groupe GM has opened its own distribution subsidiaries in China and Taiwan, in collaboration with local partners. The expansion is part of Groupe GM’s plans to consolidate its presence in Asia where their representation is already well-established in Japan and Korea, as well as expand its international development beyond the current network, which already comprises more than 70 countries across all continents.

In Changzhou, Groupe GM has inaugurated its Chinese branch under the name Jiaomu Cosmetic. This new company has been created in response to the increasing demand for luxurious amenities in Graded Hotels in China and, by extension, Asia.

The second new distribution subsidiary, Paris Beauté, based in Taiwan, caters to a burgeoning micro-market, mainly composed by five star hotels, high-scaled independent hotels and luxurious bed & breakfasts.

“This is a milestone in the company’s history and a clear message that our expansion plan is serious and consistent. We have intensified our global expansion process in the last few years by forming joint ventures and acquiring new distributors. Thanks to a network of exclusive distributors, Groupe GM’s vision to make well-being and beauty accessible to everyone is a reality in the most prestigious hotels and spas worldwide”, said Laurent Marchand, President of Groupe GM. “We are thrilled to be able to access these new markets and watch as Groupe GM’s portfolio of hospitality products are enjoyed by increasing numbers of hotels and guests across Asia.”

General Manager of Jiaomu Cosmetic, Duty Zhu, explained the appeal of Groupe GM’s amenity lines in the Asian market: “Groupe GM’s hospitality lines are a natural fit in premises of exception and character – hotels that set themselves apart through refined details. With Groupe GM’s exclusive products, we will bring a touch of French flair to hotel rooms in China and across Asia.”
Tanya Hu, General Manager at Paris Beauté also commented: “Taiwan attracts millions of visitors from Hong Kong, Japan and Korea, a very demanding clientele renowned for its refined taste. Groupe GM’s portfolio of branded amenities perfectly respond to the demand of these increasingly savvy travellers and we are confident that, thanks to their range of diverse and high-quality amenities, Groupe GM will allow Taiwanese hoteliers to stand out from the competition while going the extra mile with their guests”.

Beside its expansion in Asia, Groupe GM’s plans also include a focus on the Middle East, where they are planning to open their own structure in Dubai soon.