Paris, 20 April 2012 – An international player in the hospitality products sector for more than 30 years, Groupe GM today launched its new range of hospitality products – Scandinavian White. Ecolabel accredited*, Scandinavian White cosmetics care for both the environment and your health.

In order to meet market demand and the growing demand for environmentally friendly products, Groupe GM has designed a complete range of certified hospitality products. These products respect the environment as they limit the impact on aquatic ecosystems, meet the strict requirements for biodegradability and reduce the amount of packaging waste. As we are committed to sustainable and responsible development, the launch of this Ecolabel line fits perfectly into our development strategy” commented Laurent Marchand, President of Groupe GM.

Symbolised by ‘the Flower’ logo, this European Union eco-label, a unique certification system, is designed to help consumers recognise the most environmentally-friendly products and services. Companies that seek to have their products accredited with ‘the Flower’ are assessed by an independent agency which assesses that products meet the criteria required by the label. The products are tested at independent laboratories, thereby guaranteeing complete transparency and giving credibility to the application procedure. For more information about the European Ecolabel go to: The products in this new range are certified as paraben and colouring free and their packaging complies with European Ecolabel criteria.

Mindful of preserving the resources of our planet, we are continuing with our eco-responsible approach which we began with the launch of the ECOSOURCE airless dispenser system. The patented technology of ECOSOURCE airless dispensers allows a reduction in the amount of packaging to just 11 g per refill, and we have found the consumption of cosmetics using this device to be almost three times lower than with other dispensers. Scandinavian White products available in 40ml bottles and a 300ml pump dispenser supplement the ECOSOURCE dispenser products. The various packaging options available for this range – small bottles, large pump dispensers or ECOSOURCE wall dispensers, will enable clients to choose the ecolabelled product that best suits their needs in terms of design, whilst at the same time offering them a solution that is perfectly suited to their environmental concerns” concludes Laurent Marchand.

Scandinavian White Characteristics
• Ecolabel certified cosmetic formulas*, free from preservatives and colourings
• Packaging complies with European Ecolabel requirements
• 40ml bottles (bottles and caps made from 100% recycled materials):
o Hair and body gel
o Shower gel
o Shampoo
o Conditioner
• 20 g soap bar (vegetable-based, box 90% recycled cardboard)
• Tray (biodegradable material, designed to accommodate 1 or 2 bottles)
• ECOSOURCE 375 ml dispenser
o Hair & body gel
o Gentle soap
o Conditioner
o Hand & Body lotion
• Double ECOSOURCE 375 ml dispenser:
o Hair & body gel/Conditioner
o Gentle soap/Hand & body lotion
• Ecopump: 300 ml (bottle is 100% recyclable )
o Hair & body gel
o Liquid soap
*With the exception of the body lotion