About Keiji hotel line
Keiji guest amenitiy line relaxes and revitalizes the contemporary traveller away from home.

Keiji hotel line key values
Serenity - Aromatherapy - Simplicity - Peace – Minimalism - Well-being - Fulfilment between mind &body

Hotel line key features
- A very comprehensive hotel line including cosmetic products, a wooden tray, a matching accessory line and a branded gift box called “Memory Box”.
- An efficient cosmetic line based on essential oils and enriched with natural plant extracts to stimulate senses (leaf, wood, kernel or flower extracts).
- Each product of the hotel line has a different fragrance and different properties depending on which essential oil it contains:
• Rosemary and Sage: invigorating
& stimulating properties
• Juniper and Coriander: purifying
& invigorating
• Rose Wood and Sandalwood: relaxing
• Camomile and Jasmine: relaxing
• Eucalyptus and Mint: refreshing
• Bitter Almond: invigorating
- A modern and clear look conveyed by products' design, natural colours and materials: easy to read labels, warm colours, transparency effects.
- An accessory line made of a recyclable unwoven light material with a papyrus look reinforcing the simple and natural values conveyed by the line.
- Various sizes of cosmetic products: liquids come in 50 ml bottles and 300ml Ecopump dispensers to answer all customers' needs; gentle soaps exist in 30 & 45g, and exfoliating soap 30 g.

Hotel category
Minimum 3 stars hotels - hotels chains and independent hotels – spa resorts – luxury guest rooms

Available sales tools
- Groupe GM hotel line brochure
- Advertisement in HOTELS Magazine
- Samples
- Gift pack “Memory Box”
- www.groupegm.com

Hotel line concept
Keiji Memory of Senses is an elegant aromatherapy hotel line of oriental inspiration with an innovative design and quality ingredients.

All cosmetic products are enriched with natural plant extracts and essential oils

For thousands of years numerous civilisations such as the Ancient Egyptians have explored the secrets of perfume. This ancient knowledge known as Aromatherapy is based on the utilisation of essential oils and is rooted in nature acting on the body and soul to stimulate and soothe the senses. Well-being, Serenity, Protection, Vitality, Freshness and Soothing are the main properties of the essential oils selected in this range - Keiji, Memory of Senses.

Depuis des milliers d’années, de nombreuses civilisations telles que l’Egypte Ancienne ont exploré les secrets des parfums. Cette
connaissance, appelée aujourd’hui l’aromathérapie, est fondée sur l’utilisation d’huiles essentielles.
Source de bien-être au naturel, ce savoir-faire ancestral agit sur le corps et l’esprit en stimulant ou apaisant les sens.
Sérénité, Protection,Vitalité, Fraîcheur et Douceur sont les principales vertus des huiles essentielles sélectionnées dans l’univers de Keiji, Memory of senses.

Well-being, Serenity, Protection, Vitality, Freshness and Soothing are the main properties of the essential oils selected in the range.

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